Closer. I moved, like a warbler

“In Month Five of COVID Distancing from My Partner” – Oyster River Pages

slowly, then suddenly, the way / a person comes to accept an inconvenient truth

“I Think of Gin & Limes on Highway 17” – Sand Hills

Outside Coalinga, I think of my own mother

“Driving South on I-5 from Sacramento Back to Bullhead City” – Sand Hills

And each evening, after quitting time, they must’ve gone / home and died. How else could they have stilled themselves / enough to fall into another morning?

“Livin’ It” – The Rising Phoenix Review

it’s no surprise to us that three Americans hold the record for / farthest distance from their mothers’ wombs.

“There’s More Past Now Than Ever” – The Rising Phoenix Review

America, by now I thought / I’d know one millionaire, at least, ‘cause I’ve seen enough bootstrap-pulling // to pull whole ghettos out of crab grass and chain link…

“I Should Know a Millionaire” – New Ohio Review Online

When it’s quiet, I know / somethin’ aint right. 

“Echolocation” – Aquifer: The Florida Review Online

facts only tell us / half of every story, and never / the half we need.

“Proof” – Aquifer: The Florida Review Online

On the long drive back from the Carson River,
you tell me again what will happen when you die.

“Simple Future” – 2017 Ernesto Trejo Graduate Poetry Prize Winner

Other Publications & HONORS

”At the Mandatory Active-Shooter Training” – Jabberwock Review Vol. 42, No. 1
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“Elegy” – The Southampton Review – Vol. 13, Issue 25
“To the Poet Mia Barraza Martinez” – Flies, Cockroaches & Poets – Spring 2018
“After Reading Reports from a Wildfire…” – Tahoma Literary Review – Issue 25
“My Father’s Hands” – Red Cedar Review – Vol. 47
“Gin” – Sugar House Review – 4.1 Spring 2012
Involuntary Hold – Finalist for 2020 Rising Writer Contest